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Bonjour mon amour!


Bonjour Weddings is a Full Service Wedding Planning agency based in the French Alps.
We are specialized in fun multi-day weddings for Anglophone and multicultural couples in France. We love providing you and your guests with well rounded, curated experiences throughout the wedding, and will personalize your event in detail to make it extra special.

We guide you and take care of you during the whole planning process and top that off with our very own concierge service for the wedding week, making the adventure that is planning a wedding, seamless.

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Bonjour mon amour!

Célia Athanase




I was lucky enough to be raised in a highly creative family, be exposed to English from a young age, and grow up in an amazingly lively village with a very close-knit community that was constantly organizing events.

Through theatre, circus and music, I was able to not only perform, but actively participate in imagining, creating and organizing shows and events, as well as setting up, and taking down scenery, stages and tents.

I always loved those behind the scenes moments, the hustling to get things ready, the physicality of putting things together, and the teamwork that goes into it all, invisible to the spectator's eye.

I see planning weddings as a very similar process where guests won't see all the work that has been going on for months, and clients will enjoy the day without having to be aware of any behind the scenes.

After seven fun and challenge-filled years teaching English to middle schoolers, I knew I needed to find a new carrier path where I could explore my creativity better.

I trained in a wedding-planning school for a year in Aix-en Provence in the South of France, where I graduated top of my class. I interned with a renowned wedding planning company specialized in Provence and Riviera destination weddings.

I created my company, survived Covid, and am now savoring each and every moment I get to practice this job that is so fulfilling for me.

I am energetic, creative, imaginative, detail-oriented and a good listener.

5 fun-facts about me:

I have two sisters and one brother

I have a dog, Lumos, and a cat, Maro

I can speak 5 languages (not all very well, though)

I was a high-level athlete in three countries

I studied sociolinguistics and wrote a dissertation about the Geordie accent and dialect for my Masters in Newcastle

That is more than enough about me. Do get in touch, so that I can get to know you!

- Célia

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Meet the Team

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Bonjour la France!

Our events take us to so many different places! Where will you?

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