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Experience the romance, sophistication, and unparalleled beauty that only French wedding venues can offer. From the sun-kissed vineyards of Provence to the historic grandeur of Paris and the azure shores of the Mediterranean, let us guide you to the perfect setting for your luxury destination wedding in France.



Welcome to the picturesque world of Provence, where rolling vineyards, fragrant lavender fields, and ancient chateaux set the stage for timeless romance. Nestled in the heart of southern France, Provence boasts a rich tapestry of colors, tastes and scents, offering a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your dream wedding. From elegant vineyard estates to historic manors steeped in centuries of charm, our curated selection of Provence wedding venues promises an unforgettable celebration amidst the region's natural splendor and authenticity.

Our selection in Provence

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Indulge in the timeless allure of the City of Love and its surrounding environs, where every cobblestone street whispers tales of romance and grandeur. Immerse yourself in Parisian chic as you discover our handpicked collection of wedding venues, each offering a captivating blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury. From opulent chateaux nestled in the picturesque countryside to exclusive venues boasting panoramic views of the iconic Paris skyline, our selection promises to elevate your wedding day to a masterpiece of elegance and refinement.

Our selection in and out of Paris

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Cote d'Azur

Embark on a journey to the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera, where azure waters meet golden sands and the essence of the French way of life lingers in the air. Our curated selection of Cote d'Azur wedding venues invites you to bask in the Mediterranean's radiant beauty as you exchange vows in unparalleled settings. From glamorous seaside villas and chateaux overlooking the sparkling sea to intimate gardens perfumed with the scent of citrus and jasmine, each venue offers a unique blend of sophistication and serenity for an unforgettable celebration of love.

Our selection on the Cote d'Azure



Discover the essence of refined luxury amidst the diverse landscapes and timeless charm of France. Our collection of wedding venues spans the breadth of our captivating country, offering an array of options to suit every discerning couple's vision. Whether you dream of exchanging vows in a centuries-old castle steeped in history or amidst the vine-covered hills of a quaint countryside estate, our curated selection of French wedding venues promises to transform your dreams into an exquisite reality.

Other venues in France